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April 26, 2020

So you’ve decided to go ahead and throw the bride-to-be a virtual hens party in light of the current social distancing guidelines due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic…. Or maybe it’s a warm-up for the real event, right? The silver lining of this situation is that you can focus more on creating a thoughtful event rather than fussing over the tableware and your outfit choice. Mix and match from our list of virtual hens party ideas to create the ultimate online event the bride will love!

1. Musical memories

Ask each guest to request a song that reminds them of the bride-to-be. This will likely bring up some fun memories and stories to tell. Pop the songs on to a playlist that all the ladies can tune into via Spotify or a similar music streaming service.

2. Drink up!

Name a cocktail after the bride-to-be and suggest the virtual guests have the ingredients on hand at home to mix their own. You don’t need to be a mixologist… Just choose a basic cocktail recipe, or one you know she loves and get creative with a name. Read our blog Six Easy DIY Cocktails to Serve at your Hens Party for some ideas!

3. Stay in your PJs

Since you’re at home, make the most of it and have a pyjama party! Pyjamas go perfectly with a movie night or a pamper party, and you could gift the bride a special personalised pair that she can wear again when she gets ready on her wedding day.

Woman on bed wearing pyjamas with bride printed across the back at virtual hens party
Bride pyjamas by Bride Tribe

4. Special delivery

You know the cute accessories you were going to give the bride on her hens day? Pop the sash and the personalised glass together in a gift box with some champagne and flowers and have it delivered to her door on the day.

5. Masterchef eat your heart out!

Have a virtual speed cook-off! All the guests get creative in their kitchens making a meal out of whatever they have in their pantry in 20 minutes. The bride picks the winning meal.

Girl sitting on bed with laptop

6. Paint & prosecco

Organise an online sip and paint session. You can DIY with BYO paints and objects to paint, or you can engage a professional service. Go one step further with nude life drawing for a cheeky twist!

7. Game on!

Choose some classic hens party games to play to break the ice. Remember that with a virtual party you all must partake in the same conversation so you will need to pick games which focus on one person at a time. Download our favourites below.

8. Gifts galore

You may have been planning a bridal shower or kitchen tea where the bride was to receive gifts. Arrange for the gifts to be delivered in bulk to the bride’s home so she can open during the event.

9. Crown for a queen

Send the bride a gorgeous fresh flower crown to wear on the day. She has likely had her dress picked out for months so you will know just the colours to choose to match it perfectly.

Woman wearing flower crown
Flower crown by Queens of Blossom

10. Story telling

At the start of the online party, go around the group and have each guest introduce themselves and tell a story about the bride. Perhaps how they first met or their favourite memory together.

Another version of this is to ask each guest to show an item that reminds them of the bride. Either way you do it, this is sure to make the bride feel special and there may be a few funny stories to be told.

11. A special keepsake

Send her a hen book. Ask the group to send a photo of themselves and a message to the bride-to-be and compile it into a beautiful keepsake book sending it to her on the day.

12. Pamper party

Send each guest a sweet pamper package with items such as a nail polish, nail file and face mask. Dress in your comfiest clothes and enjoy a virtual mani pedi and facial together.

Woman painting her nails with pink nail polish at virtual hens pamper party

13. Movie night

Chill out and watch a movie together on Netflix Party. Don’t forget the popcorn and choc tops!

14. Fine dining

Were you planning on enjoying a meal together as part of your hens day plans? Have the hen’s favourite cuisine delivered to each of you and have a feast together.

15. Dance like a diva

Start the event with an online dance class and continue the high vibe energy by streaming your own personalised playlist and dancing the night away.

Bottle of champagne next to a sign which reads 'Trust me, you can dance - Champagne'

16. Dress up

Consider a dress code for the event. That may be as simple as picking a dress up theme or all wearing the same colour. If the bride-to-be’s signature look is bold red lippy, all the guests could wear the same. You could go all out, and continue the theme through to the cocktail choices, music, games and activities.

17. Game time

Choose to partake in some online games or apps such as Heads Up created by Ellen Degeneres or Games Against Humanity.

18. Special guest

Schedule a guest appearance from the groom. You could have him join you online for The Mr & Mrs Quiz game for an extra giggle (Hint: this is one of our free downloadable templates!) Or better yet, have the boys join in on the fun for a joint virtual hen and bucks do.

19. Babes who brunch

How about a virtual brunch date? An online yoga workshop followed by brekkie and coffee delivered to start your day.

Brunch virtual hens party idea featuring coffee and plate of pancakes topped with fruit

20. Set the mood

Those décor accessories you were going to style at her real-life hens party? Send them to the groom and ask him to style in their home to set the mood for the virtual party. Good luck with that one!

Now that you’ve got some ideas to make the virtual hens party special for the bride-to-be, have a read of our step by step guide How To Host A Virtual Hens Party to bring the event to life. And don’t forget to download our super easy done for you virtual hens party game templates!

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