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March 30, 2020

Are you bridesmaid to a bride who has no choice but to postpone her wedding due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? It’s tough watching someone you love go through a stressful time but there are some ways to help her get through it.

Be there

Let’s face it, she will be feeling angry, upset, depressed, unmotivated, and just utterly let down… Simply be there for her. Check in on her regularly with a phone call, let her cry down the phone to you, and just listen when she needs to vent.

Reassure her everything is going to be ok even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. Offer a positive reminder that she will get the wedding of her dreams and after surviving this difficult time it will be even sweeter than she ever imagined. And you will be right there beside her all the way to the aisle.

Bride forced to postpone her wedding due to Coronavirus pandemic

Help with rescheduling the wedding

The bride has a big daunting task ahead of her. She needs to liaise with all her wedding suppliers and find a new wedding date which suits them all. And even then, no one can confidently confirm that the wedding will go ahead as the pandemic continues to worsen here in Australia.  

Do what you can to lend a helping hand. Help her come up with a new plan and offer to contact some wedding vendors on her behalf. The wedding guests may be wondering if the wedding is still going ahead or if a new date has been scheduled. Save the bride the pain of curious phone call after phone call by offering to reach out to her wedding guests and keep them in the loop.

Bride wearing pyjamas kneeling on a bed

Celebrate on the date of her original hens party

Don’t let the original date of her hens party or bridal shower pass her by. Set up an virtual hens party where you all jump on Facetime or Zoom and drink champagne, play some games and have a laugh. And then, when all this is over, do it again. In real life.

Here are some virtual hens party ideas:

  • Girls night in iso style! Grab your nail polishes, your face masks and pamper yourselves because let’s face it… You deserve it!
  • Social distancing movie night: Choose a girly flick, pop some popcorn and snuggle up under a doona with your girls on speaker.
  • Take part in a live online workshop together. So many businesses are pivoting to offer online services during the current climate. You could consider an online cooking class, makeup tutorial or yoga workshop. If you had an activity booked for the hens contact your provider and ask if they would offer an online workshop.
  • Get inspired by the Italians dancing and singing on their balconies through this difficult time and host an iso dance party. Mix yourself a cocktail, all tune into the same playlist and dance the night away!

Read our blog How to Host a Virtual Hens Party which covers everything you need to know to plan a social distancing event.

Isolation style hens party during Coronavirus pandemic
Hens party iso style!

Acknowledge her original wedding date

The bride is likely to be feeling all the emotions on her wedding day that wasn’t meant to be. Let her know that you are thinking of her by sending her a thoughtful gift. Perhaps a beautiful bouquet of flowers; a hamper of chocolatey treats, champagne and her favourite things; or something she can utilise when the big day finally arrives… Again! Think a personalised bridal denim jacket or a gorgeous bridal robe.

Give the groom a phone call and check that he is planning on acknowledging their original wedding date. If the thought hadn’t crossed his mind offer a suggestion such as treating her to a home-cooked meal and champagne, a relaxing massage, or a romantic picnic set up.

If he needs a little help, suggest he contacts a picnic stylist who offer DIY picnics or can set up a picnic for two. What does this mean? Dependent on the restrictions at the time, they will either set up for you or deliver all the props required to create a gorgeous picnic for two, and can even organise a grazing platter. Easy as that!

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