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February 9, 2021

There are a few things you should know before you head out for a day amongst the vines with your best girls. From how to dress, to how to behave, Sam de Silva, professional wine drinker and owner of De Silva Lining Events, gives us the intel from her years of experience hosting winery tours in Victoria’s stunning wine regions. Sam will have you laughing and well informed as she shares her best tips for an amazing winery tour hens party.

Choose your shoes wisely

Please, for the love of god, don’t show up in stilettos. You’re often going to a working farm where there will be gravel and uneven ground. If you’re keen on a heel, go for a wedge or a solid heel, but a cute pair of flats or sandals never killed anyone.

Leave the sexy dress at home

Dress appropriately. You might look on fire for a night out on the town in that hot dress… But you’ll be in and out of a bus, up and down stairs and ramps, so make sure your choo-cha is covered. Same goes for the girls… No one wants to see a nip-slip over a glass of grigio, no matter how cute the bartender is.

Don’t make a big deal if you don’t like the wine

“OMG this wine is gross!” *insert weird cats bum face* That’s the joys of tasting wine. At this point you haven’t bought the bottle and had serious buyers remorse. The tasting is a time to figure out what you don’t like about the wine – Is it too sharp? Is it too oaky? Does it taste like licking the inside of a barrel? If you don’t like the wine, that’s cool, but please, don’t make a big deal out of it.

Three women wearing flower crowns and drinking champagne at a winery tour hens party

Consider alternatives to wineries

What if you don’t drink wine? That’s cool… Has anyone heard of a little thing called gin? There’s heaps of other alternatives out there too. Instead of just visiting wineries, consider your crowd, and see if they’d want to visit a brewery, cidery or distillery, and then look at a customisable tour where you can combine a few options to please everyone.

Pace yourself

A little decorum please, ladies! We all know that day drunk is totally different to night drunk. Same as wine drunk is different to vodka soda drunk. Be smart about your drinking on the day. Especially if you aren’t seasoned in the ways of day wine drinking. Have a water in between, and don’t toss back the tastings. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this tomorrow.

Line your stomach

Eating is not cheating, girl. You’re gonna look gorgeous no matter what you wear or what you’ve had for breakfast. Please, eat something before you get on the bus. That first tasting will thank you for it. And so will the 11am munchies.

Wine tastings being poured at a winery tour hens party

Support local

Did you enjoy that tasting? Buy a bottle! That’s the whole point of winery tours… To show you a little about your local area and shine a light on some hidden gems. So if you like the wine, gin, beer or cider, buy some! There will be plenty of room on the bus for your purchases.

No drinking on the bus

Travellers are a biiiiiiig no no! The po po don’t allow you to drink in a vehicle, so please, don’t try and sneak drinks on or drink inside the bus. It’s a huge fine for the winery tour business, and for you personally.

Have all your info on hand when making enquiries

When you’re making enquiries, operators have a few things that they need to know before they can book you in, such as a date, how many people, and a pick up and drop off location. I personally like to include any dietary requirements and a little bit of a background of what kind of wines and venues the group likes to tailor a winery tour hens party to suit.

Text 'Winery tour hens party: 10 quick tips for an amazing day out' overlaid image of woman pouring champagne

Enjoy yourself!

This is a day where you’re celebrating a girlfriend, and her moving into the next stage of her life! Take lots of photos, have a giggle, buy that extra bottle of bubbles for the lunch table, and enjoy yourself. This is a celebration after all!

Looking for more advice on how to ensure your winery tour hens party goes off without a hitch? Read another blog Sam penned for us called Winery Tour Tips: Planning a Day amongst the Vines, where she delves into the various types of winery tours on offer, from fully customised to DIY.

About the author

Sam De Silva (our resident on the DL alco) is The Big Boss Lady of De Silva Lining Events. Sam and her team work tirelessly to give you amazing experiences for your hens day, wedding planning, and special events.

Sam has worked in many cellar doors across the Yarra Valley, travelled extensively through the wine regions of Victoria and some in South Australia. Her business, De Silva Lining Events, offers fully customisable winery tours, for small groups of up to eleven, or more on request. All her drivers are well versed in the wine industry (read: fellow alco’s lol) and love to showcase their passion and devotion to their local regions.

If you’d like to get in contact with Sam about booking a fully bespoke winery tour, you can find out more information on the Pretty Zen Hen directory or contact her via the De Silva Lining Events website. Or, like she’s suggested, do the socials stalk and see what it’s all about!

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