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April 5, 2021

Hosting a high tea hens party is one of the original ways to celebrate the bride-to-be. It’s classic, timeless and oh-so-ladylike. Perfect for those wanting a civilised send off into married life with all of the women in her life present, from her grandmother and mum, right down to her flower girl. But if you don’t know your teas from your toes, knowing where to start planning can seem tricky. Whether you’re thinking of hosting a DIY high tea hens party at home or opting to visit a high tea boutique or luxury hotel, we have a few ideas to give you a head start.

Choose some tea varieties

When it comes to selecting your teas for a DIY high tea, Sam from De Silva Lining Events suggests offering a small range of teas:

“Go in and have a chat and taste test at your local tea house. I suggest a black tea that’s quite soft and feminine like an Earl Grey, a fruity or herbal tea, a green tea and something a bit different, like a chai.”

Sam also likes to offer the option of iced tea to her high tea event clients during the warmer months. For a DIY high tea hens party hosted in summer, consider an iced tea station with a selection of fruit-based teas. Present your teas in dispensers or glass pitchers with berries, fruits or even flowers frozen in ice cubes. This is such a pretty way to present cold drinks and simple to execute.

Flat lay of different dried tea varieties on wooden spoons with flowers

Pick some food to match

A selection of savoury and sweet menu options are best served at a high tea to accommodate all the taste preferences of your guests. Emma from The High Tea Mistress says:

“People eat with their eyes first, so an array of beautifully decorated pieces in a variety of colours works well. Pieces should only be the size of one or two bites and be easy to cut (if necessary) and eat with a spoon or dessert fork.”

Think traditional afternoon tea eats such as ribbon sandwiches with fillings like egg, cucumber, chicken or smoked salmon served on a tiered high tea stand. Another high tea classic is the delightful scone, with sweet jam and dollops of fresh cream. You can complete your high tea menu with some warmed mini quiches or tarts, and of course some sweet treats and slices.

Consider a tea party theme

A vintage themed tea party gives you the perfect excuse to raid your grandmother’s tea cup collection or scout second hand stores for pretty cups and saucers. It doesn’t matter if your crockery doesn’t match. In fact, mismatched only adds to the vintage charm. Pick out pretty pastel and floral tea cups, saucers and tea pots and complement with girly textures with lace and floral printed bunting, napkins and table runners.

Another option is the Alice in Wonderland or Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme. Think a garden party with pops of colour, mixed patterns and textures. Accent with props such as clocks, playing cards and brass keys. Add the finishing touches to your food and drink with fun ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ labels. You can go a bit quirky and creative with this theme!

Woman styling an Alice in Wonderland high tea hens party
Image credit – Alice in Wonderland theme at Kara’s Party Ideas

Add some activities and games

If you’re looking to up-level your high tea hens party with an activity or two, think about something equally as girly like a flower crown workshop or flower arranging lesson. Or what about a tea masterclass? Perfect for the tea enthusiast bride, or those wanting to learn a little more about the teas they’re sampling. If you’re hosting a high tea garden party, add in some lawn games such as croquet, bocche or giant Jenga. Finally, add in a classy hens party game or two to encourage interaction between your guests. You can find games on the Pretty Zen Hen online store.

Choose a location for your high tea

Consider the vibe you want for your high tea hens party and choose a venue or location accordingly. A high tea picnic at the local park is the perfect spot for a relaxed afternoon. Or at home in the back garden for an easy DIY option. If you’d prefer to show up without any of the hard work of setting up, consider engaging the services of a mobile high tea event business to come to you, or make a booking at a local tea house or luxury hotel. We love The High Tea Mistress’s beautiful premises in Melbourne with an array of themed tea parlours to choose from. Owner Emma says of The High Tea Mistress:

“Our high tea parties encourage a talking point in the way that our teas are served.  All guests receive disposable tea bags with their place setting and we leave it up to them to fill them with the tea, and quantity of their choice. They can even mix and match if they like. We have found this to be a great conversation starter.”

Table at The High Tea Mistress's Melbourne premises set with sweet and savoury food on a tiered serving platter with tea cups and cocktails
Image credit – The High Tea Mistress

Decide whether to DIY or outsource

Hosting a hens party at home may seem like an easy option but once you are knee deep in the planning you will likely realise they can be quite fiddly if starting from scratch. Allie from The Posh Palais, who regularly sets up high tea picnics for her event clients says:

“High teas are high maintenance! There are a lot of different foods to buy and prepare, teas to select, and lots of serve ware to source and set up. So, get prepared early if you are going to DIY, or outsource instead.”

With so many different elements to a high tea party, it is recommended to host a DIY event at home to avoid having to transport all the bits and pieces to another location and end up in a fluster before the party has even started!

Or, if outsourcing, it can take the form of engaging an event planner to plan the entire event for you, host the event at a tea house or luxury hotel, or have a mobile high tea business come to you. There are many options according to your requirements and budget… The best part about outsourcing? No clean up!

You will now have an idea of whether you’re happy to take the planning reigns and organise a DIY high tea hens party or hand the hard work over to the professionals. You can find out more about our fav high tea party planners and hosts, The High Tea Mistress, The Posh Palais and De Silva Lining Events on the Pretty Zen Hen directory.

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