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June 21, 2020

In many ways, picnics are the perfect bridal shower experience. Versatile and relaxed, they will appeal to most guests while making any bride-to-be feel special. I chatted to picnic queens, Allie from The Posh Picnic and Ebby from Little Bird Boutique Events, who provided their top professional picnic tips and told me why a bridal shower picnic is the perfect way to celebrate your bestie’s upcoming wedding.

Location location location

The beauty of picnics is that they can be held in almost every location imaginable. Host right on the sand if the bride-to-be is a beach babe or go traditional and set up your picnic in a park or garden. Beside a rushing river, under a canopy of trees, in the backyard, poolside… The list goes on! You can even host a cosy picnic indoors during the cooler months or to escape the extreme summer heat.

When I queried her favourite picnic location, Ebby from Sydney-based Little Bird Boutique Events said she prefers the ease of hosting at home. She recommends hosting in the backyard so you can relax, have a few glasses of bubbles, and not worry about packing up immediately after the event. If the backyard isn’t suitable, Ebby loves to set up in a park making sure there is lots of car parking, shade and toilets. She advises:

If you’re having your picnic at the park, always visit the spot in advance at the time of your party. Check the position of the sun, where the shade will be, and how busy the area is at that time. Always know your venue.

Bridal shower picnic set up by Little Bird Boutique Events in Sydney
Bridal shower picnic in Sydney by Little Bird Boutique Events

Allie from The Posh Picnic adores both the functionality and the beauty of Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne. She finds the park provides the perfect space where you don’t have to worry about being too loud, there is plenty of room to mingle with ease, play games and dance like no-ones watching!

With towering trees and luscious lawns, Fitzroy Gardens is so peaceful, yet only footsteps away from bars and clubs to dance the night away. There are other beautifully scenic locations in central Melbourne but they’re not as functional. When planning a hens party picnic, you need a central location as guests are often coming from all different directions. It needs to be a short distance to the after party and one that has bathroom facilities in close proximity. Not many other locations can tick all these boxes! 

Bridal shower picnic at Fitzroy Gardens by The Posh Picnic
Bridal shower picnic at Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne by The Posh Picnic

The essentials

It is a must to provide your bridal shower guests with some sort of food to sustain them while soaking up those celebration bubbles and a picnic soiree provides the perfect opportunity to do this. You could opt for a girly high tea theme or provide a delicious grazing platter to share.

Allie suggests providing bite sized foods such as mini sandwiches, slices, canapés and cheese boards, all of which are easy to eat while standing, and more importantly, holding a glass of wine! If providing your own sandwiches, Allie recommends packing them in a box and leaving the lid on to avoid the bread drying out.

Group of women helping themselves to a variety of finger foods and drinks at a bridal shower picnic

The rosé and champagne is obviously the top priority! But, always have some bottled water and non-alcoholic drinks on hand for in between boozy beverages and for those who choose not to drink. Non-alcoholic punch and mocktails look super cute displayed in large glass drink dispensers and are easily accessible to guests. Bottles of wine can be displayed in ice buckets and you could also consider setting up a DIY mimosa or cocktail bar. Read our blog Six Easy DIY Cocktails to Serve at your Hens Party for some simple cocktail ideas.

To DIY or outsource

If budget allows, outsource, outsource, outsource! Allie says:

Before starting The Posh Picnic, I would organise party picnics for my friends’ birthdays – I loved it! But! It’s a lot of work! I would be super stressed on the day of the event to make sure everything was perfect. I would be exhausted from all the heavy lifting, carrying and setting up, and would never really feel like I could enjoy the moment because I was thinking about the packing up and cleaning at the end. 

Group of women drinking mimosas at hens party picnic

If you consider yourself a styling queen and would like to give a DIY picnic a go, carefully consider the cost of hiring or purchasing all of the product required to set up the perfect boho picnic as opposed to outsourcing. There are the beautifully layered rugs and cushions, the low-lying tables, the cutlery, crockery, glassware, props and flowers. Then there is the food and drink, and essentials such as garbage bags and sun block! Not to mention games and favours to add to that long list! It’s enough to put you off, isn’t it?!

Still want to give DIY a go? Start scouring thrift stores early to pick up some bargain props and furnishings for your picnic collection. It is recommended to set up at a private residence to save yourself the stress of lugging around heavy items and packing up at the end of the event. If at home, this can be left until the next day!

Perhaps you want to style the picnic yourself but don’t want the hassle of sourcing all the bits and pieces… Both Little Bird Boutique Events and The Posh Picnic offer DIY packages where they provide the props and you take care of the set up.

Woman setting up bridal shower picnic
Ebby from Little Bird Boutique Events styling a bridal shower picnic

Why we love bridal shower picnics

So now you have an idea of how to plan and host a bridal shower picnic, let’s leave you with a few reasons why a picnic is the perfect way to celebrate your bestie. Allie says:

Who doesn’t love relaxing in beautiful gardens while sipping rosé? Picnics are particularly perfect because they provide a lovely relaxed setting for all guests to join in. They are great to host the civilised part of the event that is mum, aunt and grandma-safe, then the party people can frolic off to a nearby bar and let loose! 

Picnics can also make the perfect base for the entire day as almost any type of activity or workshop can be beautifully incorporated into a picnic setting. Think a flower crown or craft workshop, art lessons or henna application. Or you could opt for simple hens party games or lawn games.

Ebby summed up her love of picnics perfectly when she said:

A picnic is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion because it takes something quite formal and makes it whimsical and relaxing. 

And we couldn’t agree more!

Ready to start planning? Read our blog Ten Steps to Planning the Perfect Hens Party and download our free Hens Party Planning Starter Kit to send to the bride-to-be and get your planning underway!

If you’d like to get in touch with Ebby at Little Bird Boutique events for a Sydney hens party you can visit their listing on the Pretty Zen Hen directory or head straight to their website. Or, if you’re planning a Melbourne hens party and would like to know more from Allie about The Posh Picnic, take a look at their directory listing or find out about their packages on their website.

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