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September 13, 2020

Written by Claudia Kasby of Delight in me Designs

Are you approaching the day you were supposed to be standing next to your bestie as she tied the knot? We have officially hit what would ordinarily be peak wedding season. Instead of countless happy, love-filled gatherings, with hugs, kisses and dance floors(!!!), 2020’s spring will be more of a commemoration of wedding dates that almost were.

Your favourite bride has already gone through so much, navigating these uncertain times and the impact of constantly changing restrictions on her wedding. She may have decided to postpone her big day a while ago and she’s probably impressed you with her admirable attitude towards the whole thing. 

Even if she’s processed everything and is moving forward as best she can, hitting and then ultimately passing what would have been her wedding day, will come with a plethora of emotions. The single best thing you can do to show her and her fiancé your love and support, is to remember them on their original wedding date. Make sure the day they thought was going to become their anniversary, isn’t just forgotten by the people closest to them, who were going to share in all of that love and joy with them. 

We’ve compiled a list of six different ways to help you support a Covid bride as she approaches her original wedding date.

Set a reminder and trust you’ll find the words

Calling your friend on her original wedding day may sound obvious, but it can be easy to forget something that’s not in your calendar (anymore). We’ve all been there! Set yourself a reminder. Just remembering the day that could have been, is a simple act of kindness that will go a long way. 

It can also be hard to know what to say. Don’t let that put you off. It’s more important you check in on your favourite engaged couple. A simple “I’m thinking of you today,” can go a long way. So pick up the phone, or jump on to a video call. Trust that you’ll know what she needs to hear. It’s likely to be as simple as telling her you’re just there for her. 

Coordinate a virtual ‘Wine and Whine’

Surprising her with a group call, together with the rest of the squad can make it a little more fun and light. Host a virtual ‘Wine and Whine’. Have her pop out to her front door to find her favourite bottle, or cocktail mix, or hot chocolate kit. Sip on her favourite comfort drink together.

You could time it to be when her ceremony was due to start, but be mindful that her fiancé might also have plans. So be sure to check in with them first. 

Couple hugging on their original wedding date after postponing due to Covid-19

Host a digital reception

If you think the to-be-weds might like to celebrate a little bigger, offer to extend the invitation to more of their friends and family and claim back their wedding date with a virtual reception. Make sure everyone comes prepared with a toast (or two) to keep things fun and flowing.

Alternatively, you can ask those friends and family to send you a video of themselves all dressed up dancing to a particular song. In addition to showing off their best dance moves, ask the guests to also share a few words of love and reassurance about their excitement for the big in-person celebration, when it does come around. Combine the videos into one (although don’t stress about editing it if it’s not your jam – it really won’t matter) and send it to your bestie. Ask her to film herself and her partner watching it. It will be something they will be able to watch back for the rest of their lives. 

Gift something personal and keepsake

Your favourite engaged couple is going through something extraordinary. Having to postpone their wedding is unquestionably upsetting and will have thrown an incredible amount of challenges their way. At the same time, it will also solidify their relationship and be a time they will look back on as extremely significant in their lives.

A personalised, keepsake gift is a special and thoughtful way to help them commemorate their original wedding date. A favourite of ours is this Postponed Wedding Gift. Designed especially to help lift the spirits of couples in this situation, this gift set includes two personalised coasters with each of your friends’ names on them, a foil sticker underneath the coaster that says either “Still fate just a different date,” or “No one wants to remember 2020 anyway” and a beautifully worded poem on a gift card to express your love and support. It’s something they’re able to use and keep for years to come as a special memento of all they’ve gone through together over this unique period.

Postponed wedding gift to support a Covid bride on her original wedding date
Personalised coaster gift set by Delight in me Designs

Send pretty blooms that also help with the new colour palette dilemma

Many spring and summer weddings have now been pushed back into autumn and winter. If your bride had settled on a seasonal colour palette to match the time of year of her original wedding date, this will be yet another detail she needs to reconsider.

If she’s already chosen her florist, speak with them to create an arrangement that may be in a more seasonably suitable colour-way, for the rescheduled wedding date. Consider the colour of the bridesmaid dresses at the same time. If you’ve already got the dresses, holding the arrangement against them could be a great way for the bride to settle on new colours for her wedding flowers. If you’re still deciding on the colour of the dresses, perhaps order some swatches so you can do the same thing and get another step closer towards making a decision.

Flowers always help to lift the spirit. By thoughtfully working on a bespoke arrangement in this way, you can also help your bride-to-be take a step forward in re-planning the look and feel of her new special day. At the same time, you’ll be supporting one of the chosen vendors who will also have suffered over this period. Tick, tick, tick!

Feed them cake!

There is nothing better than being able to justify bingeing on your favourite sweet treat. The day that could have been your wedding is certainly one of those moments. Rather than just sending chocolates, why not get in touch with the baker your to-be-weds have selected. If they haven’t already decided on cake flavours, you can arrange a taster box for them to enjoy and have a chance to sample the different options for their own wedding cake. 

Dessert is a no-brainer gift, but when it also helps tick an item off the long wedding to do list, it’s even more of a justified indulgence. Not only will you be fulfilling a very welcome and proactive bridesmaid duty, you’ll also be supporting a local business, which is especially important at this time. More ticks all round!

Ultimately, if you’re reading this, you’re already a great friend. Keep being you. Do what feels right. Getting through all this with them, will be something you look back on as a really significant time in your friendship. 

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Claudia is founder of and the maker at, Delight in me Designs. She helps create precious memories with bespoke event decor. From personalised favours and place cards, through to wedding signage and cake toppers, Claudia will work with you to inject more of you into your next event, with the finishing touches that make all the difference.

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