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January 11, 2021

There is something about dining outdoors during the warmer months… The atmosphere of being out in the sunshine with your best friends makes food taste so much better and drinks go down a little quicker. What better way to celebrate the upcoming marriage of your favourite bride-to-be than with a luxe hens party picnic? The combination of pretty scenery, on point styling and bright outdoor light makes for picture perfect photos and a memorable event for every kind of guest.

But where to host your hens party picnic? The options are endless, from lush green gardens and bush settings, to coastal and waterside locations… Rural properties, residential backyards and even picnicking indoors. We have done the research and come up with four perfect places to host a hens party picnic. You can thank us later!

Water views

Whether it be lakeside, riverside, or feeling the sand between your toes at the beach, a picturesque body of water is many peoples’ idea of the perfect backdrop.

If your bride-to-be is a beach babe then consider hosting her hens party picnic right there on the sand. Organise for a big, beautiful bell tent to be erected over a boho styled picnic for shelter. Layered rugs are a must to avoid sitting directly on the sand, topped with low-lying tables set with grazing platters and preserved florals. Setting up on the foreshore rather than the sand is good option if you would like to utilise a tree for shelter or want to avoid sand getting over everything and everyone! That way you can still hear the crash of the waves and make the most of the incredible view.

But the beach isn’t the only waterfront location to consider… Perhaps you live near the harbour or a beautiful lake, river or stream. Think outside the box and consider a rural property with a dam or even poolside for those destination hens vibes. Combine your waterfront picnic with an aquatic activity such as paddle boarding, sailing or surf lessons for the active bride tribe.

Hens party picnic set up beside a lake at a park
Image credit: Lakeside picnic by The Posh Palais

Green spaces

The park is the classic picnic location and for good reason, with luscious green grass and plenty of shade to be found under big old trees. Relaxed park picnics make the perfect setting for a variety of additional activities or workshops and lawn games.

As beautiful as they are, local botanic gardens can become crowded on the weekends so if green is what you’re after, consider travelling further afield to a lush rainforest or bush setting, or hunting down a lesser-known park. Centrally located urban green spaces are a popular choice allowing for guests to easily access the picnic spot from wherever they may be coming from and make for a quick trip to an afterparty in the city.

Hosting a picnic at a winery, orchard or flower farm are great examples of how to seamlessly incorporate picnicking with other activities. Host a winery tour hens party and organise for your lunch spot to be a picnic set up amongst the vines. Or hold the entire event at one winery, pop over to the cellar door for wine tastings and have a florist pay a visit to your picnic spot for a flower crown lesson.

Woman sitting at a picnic set up at a lavender farm
Image credit: Picnic by The High Tea Mistress at Warratina Lavender Farm

Hosting at home

A residential address is the ideal place to host a picnic if you’re considering DIY-ing any part of the event. It means you don’t have to lug food, rugs, soft furnishings and props in and out of vehicles and from one location to another. Plus you don’t have to worry about packing up at the end of the event. Instead of a sweaty mess from all that hard work, you’re picture perfect for selfies!

There are so many different places to consider setting up a picnic at home such as the backyard, under a big tree, on a deck or patio, beside a pool, or if you live in an apartment, how about on a balcony or rooftop? At home is also a great place to be hosting if weather turns bad. You can easily make the call to implement Plan B and set up under cover or indoors to avoid wet weather or extreme heat. The same can be said for hosting a picnic at a property you have rented for the occasion.

Hens party picnic set up in a home courtyard
Image credit: Picnic at home by Poppy & Posy

Away from the elements

Picnics may be well known as a summery pastime but if you’re hosting a hens party in winter you can still host a picnic event by shifting it indoors. Look for a cosy venue, perhaps near a roaring fireplace or a window with a view, layer rugs and cushions in warm rich tones and there you have it, a picnic just as enjoyable as if the sun were shining and it were many degrees warmer.

Hosting a picnic indoors also works wonderfully in the summer as you don’t need to worry about super hot days. Your picnic spot will be the perfect place to shelter from the elements with no need for Plan B. You also don’t need to worry about proximity to shade or bathroom facilities with everything you need right there. Alternatively, setting up your picnic in an alfresco dining area or on a covered balcony can give you the best of both worlds.

Hens party picnic set up indoors at Spicers Potts Point
Image credit: Indoor picnic by Little Bird Boutique Events at Spicers Potts Point

How to choose your perfect picnic location

How to choose with so many incredible options?! Firstly, consider the woman of the hour. Is the bride-to-be a beach babe, city slicker, or a country gal at heart? Whatever her preferences choose a location that she would love and somewhere sure to evoke wonderful memories for her.

Secondly, the location you choose can determine the success of your picnic in terms of amenities. Proximity to shade, parking, bathroom facilities and the popularity of the area are all important factors to consider. Think about what activities you’d like to include in the day and whether they’re appropriate at your chosen location.

Finally, if hosting your picnic in a public space, check with the local council whether you are required to pay a fee or organise a permit. Councils have differing rules and a hefty fine for an illegal picnic will definitely not be in the hens party budget!

Whether you choose to picnic with a view of the water, surrounded by lush greenery, at home, or even indoors, with a little research and planning you will find the perfect place to impress both the bride-to-be and the whole girl gang.

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