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April 12, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has truly messed up the wedding plans of brides-to-be everywhere. Her wedding has been postponed or heavily restricted if she chooses to go ahead at this time. Maybe her engagement party has been called off. And you guessed it… her hens party, kitchen tea and bridal shower have all been affected until restrictions are lifted. But just because we can’t celebrate face-to-face doesn’t mean the date must pass by without recognition. Celebrate virtually and then do it all over again in real life, we say! Here we provide you with an easy step by step guide on how to host a virtual hens party.

Decide on a communication platform

Decide which method of communication you will utilise for your virtual hens party according to what devices your guests use. You could consider a group chat via Facetime if you’re all iPhone or Mac users or may want to go for a universal platform such as Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Google Hangouts (the list is endless!) Whichever platform you choose, you can easily gather the bride’s girlfriends in one digital place to get around social distancing restrictions.

Woman partaking in virtual hens party

Create a music playlist

You need to create some atmosphere just as you would at a real-life party, and music is the perfect place to start. Create a playlist on your favourite music streaming service such as Spotify and consider asking each guest to request a song that reminds them of the bride-to-be. This is bound to bring up some fun memories!

Send out invitations

Create invitations using an online platform such as Paperless Post or simply create a Facebook event. Include the usual details such as time and date but also include any must-know details. These could include where to download the communication platform, how to join the virtual hens party and how to access the music playlist. You might need to inform the guests of a theme and make a note about food and drink.

Girl wearing bride denim jacket

Choose a theme

Having a theme will help give the party some direction and set the mood. It will also make it feel like a real party and not just a group chat between friends. You could consider a dress up theme, such as Coachella or all wear the bride’s favourite colour. Being at home is no reason to lounge around in your pjs unless of course the theme is a pyjama party!

Create a hamper for the bride

Were you planning on giving the bride a sash or cute diamante ‘bride’ hair clip to wear? Was she going to drink champagne from a personalised glass or be gifted a denim bridal jacket? Put together a hamper of all these goodies along with some flowers or some of her favourite things and have it delivered to her door (contactless of course!)

Check out these sweet bridal gifts from Bride Tribe

Personalised glasses of champagne cocktails at virtual hens party

Consider food and drink

Just as you would at a real-life party, you should consider food and drink. You could name a cocktail after the bride and suggest the guests have the ingredients on hand at home to mix their own. Does she have a favourite food? If she is a pizza lover, each guest could make or order pizza from their local pizzeria to enjoy together. Read our blog Six Easy DIY Cocktails to Serve at Your Hens Party for some ideas!

Schedule some games or activities

Games are a great icebreaker for any event but more so for an online one. The dynamic is a little different than a face-to-face party because you all must partake in the same conversation rather than chatting in smaller groups. The perfect games for a virtual hens party are games which focus on the bride or one person at a time. Here are three favourites:

The Mr & Mrs quiz

Before the online hens party, ask the groom some questions about himself, the bride and their relationship. For example, who said “I love you” first? Or where was your first date? During the event, ask the bride the same questions and see how many she gets correct.

Would she rather?

Come up with a series of questions such as, would she rather drink coffee or drink tea? Would she rather go on a cruise or go camping? Go around the group and ask each guest a question and get the bride to confirm whether their answer is correct.

Who am I?

Before the party, ask each guest to recall a memory about the bride and send it through to you as a message. During the party, read out the memory and ask the bride to guess who wrote it.

This game is also a great icebreaker used in another way. At the start of the party, go around the group and have each person introduce themselves and tell a story about the bride. Perhaps how they first met or their favourite memory. This is sure to make the bride feel special and bring on some tears (in a good way!)

Hint: Scroll to the end to download your free virtual hens party game templates!

If games aren’t your thing, you will need to fill in the time with another activity. You could partake in an online workshop together such as nude life drawing or yoga. Perhaps pamper yourselves with a mani pedi and a face mask (cue the pyjamas I mentioned!). Or, you may like to ditch the music and chill out watching a movie together via Netflix Party.

Bride laughing while playing games at virtual hens party

Schedule breaks

Because everyone is joining in on the same conversation for a virtual party, it’s an idea to schedule regular breaks to avoid FOMO. This could be breaks between games or activities for a drink refill, bathroom break, food top up, or just well, to have a break!

End the virtual party with a toast to the bride

Make the bride feel super special by ending the party with a heartfelt speech about how excited you are to see her marry the man of her dreams and how grateful you are for her friendship. This will lift her spirits at this hard time and remind her of how special she is to you all.


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