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June 7, 2020

Healthy hens parties are on the rise. It’s a fact… Not everyone is looking to party before they make their way down the aisle. Hens parties are now about creating a personalised event the bride will love that is unique to her interests. Brides are swapping the traditional debaucherous night out for a chilled out get together with the girls. And a yoga hens party is the ultimate experience for the zen bride-to-be to unwind and relax before the big day.

We chatted to Kelsey from Bride Yoga about all the benefits of yoga and she has us sold! Here’s why we love the idea of a yoga hens party and wedding day yoga and why we think you will too.

Perfect for the bride who doesn’t want a hens party

Does she really not want a hens party? Or does she not want a traditional hens party? You know the type… Penis straws, strippers, dares and shots. If it turns out that she would prefer a low-key way to celebrate before she marries the man of her dreams, a yoga workshop could be the answer. Kelsey describes Bride Yoga hens parties:

Picture this: You and your best girls pampering yourselves with a grounding and refreshing yoga class followed by a champagne brunch of healthy food and an endorphin high. Bliss!

Healthy and nutritious hens day brunch following yoga

Ideal for the healthy or active bride

We are all about creating a hens celebration which is unique to the bride-to-be’s interests all the while celebrating love and friendship. If she is into her health and fitness, a yoga party may be her style. She could be keen to swap out the traditional boozy shots for refreshing smoothies or herbal tea. But she may also be up for a mimosa or three as well. It is a special occasion, after all!

A yoga party is versatile

Yoga can be practised anywhere such as at home, down at the beach, or outdoors, which makes it a suitable hens party idea all year round. A yoga party can be used as a blissful starting point for the hens day before you continue on to other activities and locations. Or, if hosting an overnight hens it can be included in a Sunday morning session to re-energise and regroup before you part ways after an amazing celebration.

Group of women at a yoga hens party at the beach

Suitable for both the beginner and experienced yogi

A yoga hens party suits all ages and all levels of experience and the movements can be adapted to suit. Perfect if you will have mums, mums-in-law and aunties attending as well as the bride’s younger friends. Whether your guests are seasoned yogi’s or have never attempted yoga before, they will enjoy learning a new skill or perfecting an old position. Perhaps it will even inspire a new favourite pastime for your guests!

Yoga doesn’t have to be serious!

Like the idea of a relaxed style hens day but worried that yoga will be too serious? Make it what you want with the addition of music, costumes and games. Chances are you won’t be able to perfectly execute some of the moves… But that’s ok and makes for a good giggle between friends!

Woman in yoga pose on wedding day

A yoga party is something different

You’re in that season of your life where you are attending multiple engagement parties, bridal showers and weddings. You are likely partaking in similar activities and playing the same games at most hens parties you have been lucky enough to be invited to, right? Even though yoga is a popular form of exercise right now, your guests likely didn’t practice yoga at the last hens party they attended and will be keen to do something different.

Yoga encourages bonding and connection with others

Often at hens parties, the bride will choose to invite friends from different areas of her life who may not have met before. A group yoga class encourages bonding with those in the room, but did you know that practising yoga regularly also encourages connection with others on a deeper level? Kelsey explains:

Yoga teaches us compassion for ourselves and others. This feeling of compassion helps us to realise that everyone makes mistakes and allows us to be more accepting. Exercise is known to enhance mood and when we are happy and calm we are more likely to experience satisfying relationships.

Two women stretching at yoga hens party

Yoga promotes calm before the big day

Practising yoga is a wonderful way to relax and unwind and brides have a lot of pressure in the lead up to their big day. Yoga has been proven to reduce stress hormones in the body resulting in an overall feeling of calm. Whether you host a yoga hens party for the bride-to-be, she does yoga on her wedding morning, or she regularly practices during the lead up to the big day, she will be left feeling calmer than she would otherwise. Kelsey says:

Brides have a lot of pressure! Studies show that most of the wedding planning responsibilities are completed by the bride. Managing a healthy body and mind will allow brides to feel less stressed, more glowy and beautiful in their dress. That light, yoga high feeling you have after a class? Every bride deserves that all the time, but especially on her wedding day!

Woman in upward facing dog yoga pose

Fact: Yoga gives you glowing skin

One yoga class will not magically give you glowing skin, but practice does contribute to it over time. Kelsey told us:

Yoga increases oxygen and blood flow, which encourages skin cell renewal, elasticity and even tone – plus, a healthy glow! It also reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol which can cause inflammation and acne and promotes healthy digestion which helps skin be its healthiest.

Well, if that is not a reason to downward dog before the big day, I don’t know what is!

Are you sold too? Visit the Bride Yoga website for more information on the various yoga packages Kelsey offers brides and bridesmaids.

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