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August 17, 2020

Planning an event can be both stressful and daunting. Especially if said event is a hens party for your best friend! The pressure is on! You really want to impress her and ensure she has the best time, but you also want to keep all the guests happy, some of which you’ve never met. Don’t stress! We have rounded up some hens party planning tips from the best event planners in the business for you to implement and ensure the celebration is a success!

Get organised early

Sam – De Silva Lining Events

Be organised! The sooner you start bookings things in, the sooner you can set and forget! The more you can organise and book in advance, the more you’ll be able to relax on the day!

Pre-order & pre-pay

Steph – Step On It Events

If eating out as part of the hens party, pre-order food and drinks where possible. This makes it easier for all involved. The restaurant have your potentially large order in advance and the girls can sit down relax and know it has already been taken care of. Also organise pre-payment from everyone so there is no back and forth or splitting bills on the day.

Make it about her

Emma – The High Tea Mistress

Have the bride top of mind when organising their hens party or bridal shower. You may have lots of different opinions from others, however it is the hen’s day so plan a day for her that she will love.

For brides-to-be planning their own party… It’s your day so do it your way!

This one is for the brides

Yvette – Manage My Wedding

As the bride, it’s important to be proactive and give your bridesmaids a contact list of everyone you wish to invite to your hens party. Check in with your bridal party to see if they need any help with the party planning along the way. It is often difficult for them to chase people they don’t know for RSVPs and money and any help you can provide will be appreciated. Remember to thank them for all the organising. 

Hens party planning tips. iPad with words 'bridal shower' written on it with confetti in background

Love a list

Allie – The Posh Palais

Create a list with everything that you need to do, gather or buy and add a budget column in so you can manage costs. If there is a group of you planning the event, add another column in for who will complete the task and by when. Add ‘create a run sheet’ on to your to do list so you can keep on schedule on the day of the event and reduce the stress!  

Get personal

Rachel – Wedding Ready Co

Think about those little details that will make a huge impact to her enjoyment and memory of the event in years to come. Consider everything from her favourite drinks, food, music, environment, colours and so on. Stay true to her own personal style, rather than what is ‘on trend’ or popular.

Ask yourself these questions when you start your planning:

  • How do you want her to feel when she arrives?
  • What do you want her to remember the most?
  • What is most important to her in her life? Incorporate elements of these factors into your event planning 
  • What would she dislike? Ensure to avoid!
  • What would be her ideal day or night? Consider factoring these elements into the event somehow (For example, yoga, wine and cheese, salsa dancing, a festival etc.) 

By creating an event that is truly personal to her, rather than what is trending will not only be super fun for her, it will mean so much more.

Do your research

Ebby – Little Bird Boutique Events

Research! Everything!! From the venue, to the vendors, weather and travel times. Know everything inside out, especially the bride and even her guests. The more pre-work you do, the easier things will flow as you progress.

Hens party planning tips from the experts Pinterest graphic featuring three women drinking champagne.

Find out her non-negotiables

Kristen – Secret Brides Club

Calling all bridesmaids, this one’s for you. 

Obviously you know your bride better than anyone but never assume you know what she wants for her hens party. My advice, take her out for a coffee or bring a bottle of wine over sit down and ask her what she doesn’t want.

You might like the idea of a male stripper and some big LOL’s over half naked men serving you drinks but this may be her worst nightmare. And as a wedding coach I am here to speak up and say, it’s not your day. Make her feel special, this is her day. 

So my tip, ask her what she doesn’t want and respect that; then you can have more fun with what you can do. 

Consider the guests too

Susie – Wildflower Weddings & Events

Remember your audience and think about who is coming when choosing activities. You will have your bride tribe but is mum, auntie and grandma also included? They can be! Consider options such as a flower crown party which is a wonderful age inclusive activity that everyone can enjoy. Every girl regardless of age wants to be a fairy princess for a day!

Did you notice some common themes? Being super organised and getting personal in planning a hens party the bride will truly love popped up more than once. Luckily, we have a handy tool to help you do just that…

Download our hens party planning questionnaire below! It lists all the questions you need to ask the bride before you even think about the fun stuff. Who she wants to invite, what she loves, her ‘don’t go there’s’… It is all included!

For more hens party planning tips, check out our blog Ten Steps to Planning the Perfect Hens Party. Happy planning!

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